Joining The Information Age And Thrive as an Emerging Global Superpower

With Duterte’s departure, Dito remains unbothered. Probably because its most powerful ally is here to stay. China Telecom could be the key to Dito’s survival—and success. Globe and Smart also have foreign partners holding a sizable stake. PLDT has Hong Kong-based First Pacific, which has a 25.57% stake in the telco, and Globe has Singapore’s Singtel, which has a … Read more

The Current Philippine State of Technology Governance

Low-cost smartphones and data packages are driving “exponential growth” in the Philippine e-sports and gaming data, according to an industry study assembled by PLDT’s Smart and local publication Business World. Statista data estimates that the online gaming sector will bring in revenues of US$1.45 trillion by 2025, with revenue in the video streaming segment projected … Read more

You Can’t Go It Alone, President Duterte

For what it’s worth, Dito has had a lot of support from powerful entities. Debuted by local business tycoon Dennis Uy, Dito enjoys support of the current presidency—Uy was one of the top five donors to President Rodrigo Duterte’s election campaign and he owns the conglomerate Udenna Group. It’s also backed by a powerful foreign … Read more

Why payment option of bigger companies matter?

Barely a year prior, he had successfully convinced ride-hailing major Uber, which had launched in Vietnam in 2014, to integrate with MoMo. Uber only accepted credit cards back then, just like it did in the United States and other markets. However, very few Vietnamese had credit cards at the time, so Tuong pitched a tie-up … Read more