The Agile Marketing Guide to Uniting Content & Mobile Marketing

Rule #1 of working from home? Staying home. Ride-hailing, therefore, hit quite the speed bump. When it comes to ride-hailing or food delivery, nobody has the regional scale of Singapore-headquartered Grab, which grossed 50 million downloads last year according to Apptopia. It’s present in eight countries in Southeast Asia. Top 5 takeaways from Covid-time App … Read more

Postman’s Big Moves on the Global Stage – Becoming the Leader in Enterprise Application, has Proved to be Beneficial for the Company’s Success

So it is clear that Postman didn’t need to raise funding at this point. The dynamics of an inbound funding round are significantly different from a traditional funding roadshow. Typically, such “hot” startups are able to get much better terms than normal. It should come as no surprise if a big chunk of the US$150 … Read more

US$2 Billion Valuation of Postman Shows Some Brutal Lessons Learned in the Early Phase of Launching a Software Startup

This aphorism, coined by Paul Graham, co-founder of American seed money startup accelerator YCombinator, has long been regarded as a necessary ingredient to startup success. But this truism is deceptively simple. A vast majority of startups go through their entire lives without getting to a point where they can figure out what their target customers … Read more