Joining The Information Age And Thrive as an Emerging Global Superpower

With Duterte’s departure, Dito remains unbothered. Probably because its most powerful ally is here to stay. China Telecom could be the key to Dito’s survival—and success. Globe and Smart also have foreign partners holding a sizable stake. PLDT has Hong Kong-based First Pacific, which has a 25.57% stake in the telco, and Globe has Singapore’s Singtel, which has a … Read more

Challenges Posed by the Technological State to Democracy

The question now is how far can Dito go? When there are only two players in an industry, neither one has much incentive to improve, said Dr Phil Torio, an Associate Professor of the Ateneo School of Government. Torio, who was also executive director of the country’s Public-Private Partnership Center, specialises in infrastructure, utilities, and … Read more