7 Take aways from Covid-time

TikTok was downloaded over 38 million times between March and May 2020. That’s more than any other app and over double the 18 million downloads that Instagram, a close rival, landed. Unlike India, where Chinese companies dominate the app ecosystem, TikTok and Alibaba-owned shopping app Lazada are the only prominent Chinese apps to make Southeast … Read more

Growsari Explores the Beauty of Cutting Edge Design and Handmade Accessories from the Philippines

Often smaller than a one-car garage, sari-sari stores accounted for 37% of FMCG sales in the Philippines as of 2019. They sell all kinds of staples—from instant noodles and soft drinks to soap and cigarettes. Growsari pools together stores’ orders—across the assortment of multiple FMCGs—to come up with significantly larger order volumes. As a result, … Read more

We Completely understand Why Postman is Allegedly Preferred by Enterprises-Why more businesses should probably listen to their lessons as well

While there are other third-party API platform tools like Runscope, 3scale, APImetrics, Sentinet, and Hapi, which are direct competitors of Postman, they are much smaller in scale and scope. They are also, at best, a 10th of its size, making Postman an overwhelming market leader, and potentially one of its kind as far as acquisition … Read more