We Completely understand Why Postman is Allegedly Preferred by Enterprises-Why more businesses should probably listen to their lessons as well

While there are other third-party API platform tools like Runscope, 3scale, APImetrics, Sentinet, and Hapi, which are direct competitors of Postman, they are much smaller in scale and scope. They are also, at best, a 10th of its size, making Postman an overwhelming market leader, and potentially one of its kind as far as acquisition … Read more

Postman’s Big Moves on the Global Stage – Becoming the Leader in Enterprise Application, has Proved to be Beneficial for the Company’s Success

So it is clear that Postman didn’t need to raise funding at this point. The dynamics of an inbound funding round are significantly different from a traditional funding roadshow. Typically, such “hot” startups are able to get much better terms than normal. It should come as no surprise if a big chunk of the US$150 … Read more

US$2 Billion Valuation of Postman Shows Some Brutal Lessons Learned in the Early Phase of Launching a Software Startup

This aphorism, coined by Paul Graham, co-founder of American seed money startup accelerator YCombinator, has long been regarded as a necessary ingredient to startup success. But this truism is deceptively simple. A vast majority of startups go through their entire lives without getting to a point where they can figure out what their target customers … Read more

Digital Vending Machines that Cook for You at Your Convenience (keyfacts)

GrabFood and ShopeeFood still have a significant lead in Vietnam, but conversations with restaurant owners point to a growing disaffection with them. Several owners told us that Grab and Shopee’s commission fee of 25-30% is too high for them to break even. They’re also unhappy with the giants’ heavy discounting strategy—a common tool used to … Read more

Joining The Information Age And Thrive as an Emerging Global Superpower

With Duterte’s departure, Dito remains unbothered. Probably because its most powerful ally is here to stay. China Telecom could be the key to Dito’s survival—and success. Globe and Smart also have foreign partners holding a sizable stake. PLDT has Hong Kong-based First Pacific, which has a 25.57% stake in the telco, and Globe has Singapore’s Singtel, which has a … Read more

The Current Philippine State of Technology Governance

Low-cost smartphones and data packages are driving “exponential growth” in the Philippine e-sports and gaming data, according to an industry study assembled by PLDT’s Smart and local publication Business World. Statista data estimates that the online gaming sector will bring in revenues of US$1.45 trillion by 2025, with revenue in the video streaming segment projected … Read more